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Systaime Alias Michaël Borras

Bia Rodrigues ( Brésil )
André Santos ( Portugal )
Carlos Sáez ( Espagne )
Dafna Ganani( USA )
Elena Garnelo ( Espagne )
Elena Romenkova ( Russie )
Esteban Ottaso ( Argentine )
Haydi Roket ( Turquie )
Kim Asendorf ( Allemagne )
Matthew Williamson ( Canada )
Matthieu Delourme ( Chine )
Miyö Van Stenis ( Venezuela )
Paul Wong ( Canada )
Thereisaprobleminaustralia ( Pays Bas )

From 28th June to 6th September, the digital cultural service GeoCulture - Limousin seen by artists will be on show at the Bibliothèque francophone multimédia (Francophone Multimedia Library - Bfm) in Limoges and move from the networks into the real through artworks from different collections from museums, Art centres, libraries in Limousin present on GeoCulture.
How marking our commitment to the digital world and to the contemporary artistic creation?
The project Digital Visions is the answer : we are inviting digital artist Systaime AKA Michaël Borras, creator of the SPAMM (Super Art Modern Museum) and at the same time 15 international artists to create 15 digital works on 15 different sites in Limousin.

The 15 chosen sites, situated all over Limousin and its three “departments” are well-represented on GeoCulture. They are varied, melting urban landscapes, historic and heritage sites, panoramic views, contemporary art and more unusual places.